A Woman Scaly & a Man all Hairy

Is such a Match as he who dares

Will find the Womans Scales Scrape off the Mans Hairs


NOW thou hast loved me one whole day,

To-morrow when thou leavest, what wilt thou say?

Wilt thou then antedate some new-made vow?
Or say that now

We are not just those persons which...


Wonder — is not precisely Knowing

And not precisely Knowing not —

A beautiful but bleak condition

He has not lived who has not felt —

Suspense — is his maturer Sister —

Whether Adult Delight is Pain



  Love hailed a little maid,

  Romping through the meadow:

    Heedless in the sun she played,

  Scornful of the shadow.

    "Come with me," whispered he;

  "Listen, sweet, to love and reason."

    "By and...


Would you like summer? Taste of ours.

Spices? Buy here!

Ill! We have berries, for the parching!

Weary! Furloughs of down!

Perplexed! Estates of violet trouble ne'er looked on!

Captive! We bring reprieve of roses!...


        A kingly vulture sat alone,

            Lord of the ruin round,

        Where Egypt's ancient monuments

            Upon the desert frowned.


        A hunter's eager eye had marked



            Sweet Tivoli! upon thy grassy side,

                Whene'er I linger through the summer day,

            And the soft music of thy silvery tide

                So sweetly wiles the lagging hours away,



   DEAR little, pretty, fav'rite ore,

That once increas'd Gloriana's store;

That lay within her bosom bless'd,

Gods might have envied thee thy nest.

I've read, imperial Jove of old

For love...


Think, Delia, with what cruel haste

   Our fleeting pleasures move,

Nor heedless thus in sorrow waste

   The moments due to love.

Be wise, my fair, and gently treat

   These few that are our friends;


Was it for this, with thee a pleasing load,

I sadly wander'd thro' the hostile wood;

When I thought fortune's spite could do no more,

To see thee perish on a foreign shore?

Oh my lov'd babe! my treasure's left...