I saw the constellated matin choir
Then when they sang together in the dawn,—
The morning stars of this first rounded day
Hesperian, hundred-houred, that ending leaves
Youth’s fillet still upon the New World’s brow;
Then when they sang together,—sang for...

At eutaw Springs the valiant died:
  Their limbs with dust are covered o’er;
Weep on, ye springs, your tearful tide;
  How many heroes are no more!

If in this wreck of ruin they
  Can yet be thought to claim a tear,
O smite thy gentle breast, and...

Here—for they could not help but die—
The daughters of the Rose-Bush lie:
Here rest, interred without a stone,
What dear Lucinda gave to none,—
What forward beau, or curious belle,
Could hardly touch, and rarely smell.

Dear Rose! of all the...

The turtle on yon withered bough,
That lately mourned her murdered mate,
Has found another comrade now—
Such changes all await!
Again her drooping plume is drest,
Again she ’s willing to be blest
And takes her lover to her nest.
If nature...

Fair flower, that dost so comely grow,
  Hid in this silent, dull retreat,
Untouched thy honied blossoms blow,
  Unseen thy little branches greet:
    No roving foot shall crush thee here,
    No busy hand provoke a tear.

By Nature’s self in...

In spite of all the learned have said,
  I still my old opinion keep;
The posture that we give the dead
  Points out the soul’s eternal sleep.

Not so the ancients of these lands;—
  The Indian, when from life released,
Again is seated with his...

Death in this tomb his weary bones hath laid,
Sick of dominion o’er the human kind;
Behold what devastations he hath made,
Survey the millions by his arm confined.

“Six thousand years has sovereign sway been mine,
None but myself can real glory claim;...

The man that joins in life’s career
And hopes to find some comfort here,
To rise above this earthly mass,—
The only way ’s to drink his glass.

But still, on this uncertain stage
Where hopes and fears the soul engage,
And while, amid the joyous...

Where now these mingled ruins lie
  A temple once to Bacchus rose,
Beneath whose roof, aspiring high,
  Full many a guest forgot his woes.

No more this dome, by tempests torn,
  Affords a social safe retreat;
But ravens here, with eye forlorn,...

On scent of game from town to town he flew,
  The soldier’s curse pursued him on his way;
Care in his eye, and anguish on his brow,
  He seemed a sea-hawk watching for his prey.

With soothing words the widow’s mite he gained,
  With piercing glance...