With sweetness unabated

Informed the hour had come

With no remiss of triumph

The autumn started home

Her home to be with Nature

As competition done

By influential kinsmen

Invited to...


With thee, in the Desert —

With thee in the thirst —

With thee in the Tamarind wood —

Leopard breathes — at last!


Within my Garden, rides a Bird

Upon a single Wheel —

Whose spokes a dizzy Music make

As 'twere a travelling Mill —

He never stops, but slackens

Above the Ripest Rose —

Partakes without alighting...


Within my reach !

I could have touched !

I might have chanced that way !

Soft sauntered through the village,

Sauntered as soft away !



Within that little Hive

Such Hints of Honey lay

As made Reality a Dream

And Dreams, Reality —


Within thy Grave!

Oh no, but on some other flight —

Thou only camest to mankind

To rend it with Good night —


Without a smile — Without a Throe

A Summer's soft Assemblies go

To their entrancing end

Unknown — for all the times we met —

Estranged, however intimate —

What a dissembling Friend —


Without this — there is nought —

All other Riches be

As is the Twitter of a Bird —

Heard opposite the Sea —

I could not care — to gain

A lesser than the Whole —

For did not this include themself —...


  A prowling wolf, whose shaggy skin

  (So strict the watch of dogs had been)

      Hid little but his bones,

  Once met a mastiff dog astray.

  A prouder, fatter, sleeker Tray,

      No human mortal owns.


Wolfe demanded during dying

"Which obtain the Day"?

"General, the British" — "Easy"

Answered Wolfe "to die"

Montcalm, his opposing Spirit

Rendered with a smile

"Sweet" said he "my own Surrender...