Whole Gulfs — of Red, and Fleets — of Red —

And Crews — of solid Blood —

Did place upon the West — Tonight —

As 'twere specific Ground —

And They — appointed Creatures —

In Authorized Arrays —

Due —...


Whose are the little beds, I asked

Which in the valleys lie?

Some shook their heads, and others smiled —

And no one made reply.

Perhaps they did not hear, I said,

I will inquire again —

Whose are the...


Whose cheek is this?

What rosy face

Has lost a blush today?

I found her — "pleiad" — in the woods

And bore her safe away.

Robins, in the tradition

Did cover such with leaves,

But which...


Whose Pink career may have a close

Portentous as our own, who knows?

To imitate these Neighbors fleet

In awe and innocence, were meet.


"Why do I love" You, Sir?

Because —

The Wind does not require the Grass

To answer — Wherefore when He pass

She cannot keep Her place.

Because He knows — and

Do not You —

And We know not...


Why make it doubt — it hurts it so —

So sick — to guess —

So strong — to know —

So brave — upon its little Bed

To tell the very last They said

Unto Itself — and smile — And shake —

For that dear — distant...


* * *

Why should I care for the men of thames

Or the cheating waves of charterd streams

Or shrink at the little blasts of fear

That the hireling blows into my ear

Tho born on the cheating...


Why should we hurry — why indeed?

When every way we fly

We are molested equally

By immortality.

No respite from the inference

That this which is begun,

Though where its labors lie

A bland...


* * *

Why was Cupid a Boy

And why a boy was he

He should have been a Girl

For ought that I can see