You love the Lord — you cannot see —

You write Him — every day —

A little note — when you awake —

And further in the Day.

An Ample Letter — How you miss —

And would delight to see —

But then His...


You said that I "was Great" — one Day —

Then "Great" it be — if that please Thee —

Or Small — or any size at all —

Nay — I'm the size suit Thee —

Tall — like the Stag — would that?

Or lower — like the Wren —...


* * *

You say their Pictures well Painted be

And yet they are Blockheads you all agree

Thank God I never was sent to school

To be Flogd into following the Style of a Fool...


You see I cannot see — your lifetime —

I must guess —

How many times it ache for me — today — Confess —

How many times for my far sake

The brave eyes film —

But I guess guessing hurts —

Mine — got so dim!...


You taught me Waiting with Myself —

Appointment strictly kept —

You taught me fortitude of Fate —

This — also — I have learnt —

An Altitude of Death, that could

No bitterer debar

Than Life — had done...


You'll find — it when you try to die —

The Easier to let go —

For recollecting such as went —

You could not spare — you know.

And though their places somewhat filled —

As did their Marble names



You'll know Her — by Her Foot —

The smallest Gamboge Hand

With Fingers — where the Toes should be —

Would more affront the Sand —

Than this Quaint Creature's Boot —

Adjusted by a Stern —

Without a...


You'll know it — as you know 'tis Noon —

By Glory —

As you do the Sun —

By Glory —

As you will in Heaven —

Know God the Father — and the Son.

By intuition, Mightiest Things



You're right — "the way is narrow" —

And "difficult the Gate" —

And "few there be" — Correct again —

That "enter in — thereat" —

'Tis Costly — So are purples!

'Tis just the price of Breath —

With but...


You've seen Balloons set — Haven't You?

So stately they ascend —

It is as Swans — discarded You,

For Duties Diamond —

Their Liquid Feet go softly out

Upon a Sea of Blonde —

They spurn the Air, as t'...