Yesterday is History,

'Tis so far away —

Yesterday is Poetry —

'Tis Philosophy —

Yesterday is mystery —

Where it is Today

While we shrewdly speculate

Flutter both away


You cannot make Remembrance grow

When it has lost its Root —

The tightening the Soil around

And setting it upright

Deceives perhaps the Universe

But not retrieves the Plant —

Real Memory, like Cedar Feet...


You cannot put a Fire out —

A Thing that can ignite

Can go, itself, without a Fan —

Upon the slowest Night —

You cannot fold a Flood —

And put it in a Drawer —

Because the Winds would find it out —...


You cannot take itself

From any Human soul —

That indestructible estate

Enable him to dwell —

Impregnable as Light

That every man behold

But take away as difficult

As undiscovered Gold —...


You constituted Time —

I deemed Eternity

A Revelation of Yourself —

'Twas therefore Deity

The Absolute — removed

The Relative away —

That I unto Himself adjust

My slow idolatry —


* * *

You dont believe I wont attempt to make ye

You are asleep I wont attempt to wake ye

Sleep on Sleep on while in your pleasant dreams

Of Reason you may drink of Lifes clear streams


You know that Portrait in the Moon —

So tell me who 'tis like —

The very Brow — the stooping eyes —

A fog for — Say — Whose Sake?

The very Pattern of the Cheek —

It varies — in the Chin —

But —...


You left me — Sire — two Legacies —

A Legacy of Love

A Heavenly Father would suffice

Had He the offer of —

You left me Boundaries of Pain —

Capacious as the Sea —

Between Eternity and Time —


You love me — you are sure —

I shall not fear mistake —

I shall not cheated wake —

Some grinning morn —

To find the Sunrise left —

And Orchards — unbereft —

And Dollie — gone!

I need not...