Thomas Moore

  • Believe me, if all those endearing young charms
    Which I gaze on so fondly today
    Were to change by tomorrow and fleet in my arms
    Like fairy gifts fading away,
    Thou wouldst still be adored as this moment thou art
    Let thy loveliness fade as it will

  • 'Twas a new feeling - something more
    Than we had dared to own before,
    Which then we hid not;
    We saw it in each other's eye,
    And wished, in every half-breathed sigh,
    To speak, but did not.

    She felt my lips' impassioned touch -
    'Twas the first time I dared so...

  • I've oft been told by learned friars,
    That wishing and the crime are one,
    And Heaven punishes desires
    As much as if the deed were done.

    If wishing damns us, you and I
    Are damned to all our heart's content;
    Come, then, at least we may enjoy
    Some pleasure for...