Thomas Moore

  • A májusi hold csupa láng ma, szivem,
    lámpást visz a földi bogárka, szivem;
    a bércek alatt
    száz út csalogat,
    mikor álom esőz a világra, szivem!
    Ébredj, tündöklik az ég, gyönyöröm,
    üdvünk sose volna elég, gyönyöröm,
    s mert napja rövid

  •   GOOD reader, if you e’er have seen,
        When Phœbus hastens to his pillow,
        The mermaids with their tresses green
      Dancing upon the western billow;
      If you have seen at twilight dim,
        When the lone spirit’s vesper hymn
        Floats wild...

  • Mr. Orator PUFF had two tones in his voice,
      The one squeaking thus, and the other down so;
    In each sentence he uttered he gave you your choice,
      For one half was B alt, and the rest G below.
        O! O! Orator Puff,
        One voice for an orator ’s surely...

  • Robert Emmet
    O, BREATHE not his name! let it sleep in the shade,
    Where cold and unhonored his relics are laid;
    Sad, silent, and dark be the tears that we shed,
    As the night-dew that falls on the grave o’er his head.

    But the night-dew that falls, though in...

  • From “The Fire-Worshippers”
    “HOW sweetly,” said the trembling maid,
    Of her own gentle voice afraid,
    So long had they in silence stood,
    Looking upon that moonlight flood,—
    “How sweetly does the moonbeam smile
    To-night upon yon leafy isle!

  • As by the shore, at break of day,
    A vanquished chief expiring lay,
    Upon the sands, with broken sword,
      He traced his farewell to the free;
    And there the last unfinished word
      He dying wrote, was “Liberty!”

    At night a sea-bird shrieked the knell...

  • The Harp that once through Tara’s halls
      The soul of music shed,
    Now hangs as mute on Tara’s walls
      As if that soul were fled.
    So sleeps the pride of former days,
      So glory’s thrill is o’er,
    And hearts that once beat high for praise

  • From “The Light of the Harem”
    WHO has not heard of the Vale of Cashmere,
      With its roses the brightest that earth ever gave,
    Its temples, and grottoes, and fountains as clear
      As the love-lighted eyes that hang over their wave?

    O, to see it at sunset,—...

  • Those evening bells! those evening bells!
    How many a tale their music tells
    Of youth, and home, and that sweet time
    When last I heard their soothing chime!

    Those joyous hours are passed away;
    And many a heart that then was gay
    Within the tomb now...

  • Oft in the stilly night,
      Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
    Fond Memory brings the light
      Of other days around me:
        The smiles, the tears,
        Of boyhood’s years,
      The words of love then spoken;
        The eyes that shone,