Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  • Mondd újra s újra mondd és újra mondd,
    hogy szeretsz! Bár az ismételt szavak
    kakukknótához hasonlítanak,
    emlékezz rá, hogy se mező, se domb
    nincs kakukknóta nélkül, ha a lomb
    újul tavasszal s kizöldül a mag.
    Egyszeri szó, mint szellem hangja, vak

  • Her hair was tawny with gold, her eyes with purple were dark,
    Her cheeks’ pale opal burnt with a red and restless spark.

    Never was lady of Milan nobler in name and in race;
    Never was lady of Italy fairer to see in the face.

    Never was lady on earth more true as...

  • Sienna
    I Love thee, love thee, Giulio!
      Some call me cold, and some demure,
    And if thou hast ever guessed that so
      I love thee … well;—the proof was poor,
      And no one could be sure.

    Before thy song (with shifted rhymes
      To suit my name...

  • From “Aurora Leigh”
    WHOEVER lives true life, will love true love.
    I learned to love that England. Very oft,
    Before the day was born, or otherwise
    Through secret windings of the afternoons,
    I threw my hunters off and plunged myself
    Among the deep...

  • 1861
    over the dumb campagna-sea,
      Out in the offing through mist and rain,
    Saint Peter’s Church heaves silently
      Like a mighty ship in pain,
      Facing the tempest with struggle and strain.

    Motionless waifs of ruined towers,

  • By B. R. Haydon
    WORDSWORTH upon Helvellyn! Let the cloud
    Ebb audibly along the mountain-wind,
    Then break against the rock, and show behind
    The lowland valleys floating up to crowd
    The sense with beauty. He, with forehead bowed
    And humble-lidded eyes...

  • True genius, but true woman! dost deny
    Thy woman’s nature with a manly scorn,
    And break away the gauds and armlets worn
    By weaker women in captivity?
    Ah, vain denial! that revolted cry
    Is sobbed in by a woman’s voice forlorn;
    Thy woman’s hair, my...

  • What was he doing, the great god Pan,
      Down in the reeds by the river?
    Spreading ruin and scattering ban,
    Splashing and paddling with hoofs of a goat,
    And breaking the golden lilies afloat
      With the dragon-fly on the river?

    He tore out a reed,...

  • Methinks we do as fretful children do,
      Leaning their faces on the window-pane
      To sigh the glass dim with their own breath’s stain,
    And shut the sky and landscape from their view;
    And, thus, alas! since God the maker drew
      A mystic separation ’twixt...

  • “there is no God,” the foolish saith,
      But none, “There is no sorrow”;
    And nature oft the cry of faith
      In bitter need will borrow:
    Eyes which the preacher could not school,
      By wayside graves are raised;
    And lips say, “God be pitiful,”...