Life our share of night to bear, Our share of morning, Our blank in bliss to fill, Our blank in scorning. Here a star, and there a star, Some lose their way. Here a mist, and there a mist, Afterwards—day! A BOOK HE ate and drank the precious words, His spirit grew robust; He knew no more that he was poor, Nor that his frame was dust. He danced along the dingy days, And this bequest of wings Was but a book. What liberty A loosened spirit brings! UTTERANCE I FOUND the phrase to every thought I ever had, but one; And that defies me,—as a hand Did try to chalk the sun To races nurtured in the dark:— How would your own begin? Can blaze be done in cochineal, Or noon in mazarin? WITH FLOWERS IF recollecting were forgetting, Then I remember not; And if forgetting, recollecting, How near I had forgot! And if to miss were merry, And if to mourn were gay, How very blithe the fingers That gathered these to-day! PARTING MY life closed twice before its close; It yet remains to see If Immortality unveil A third event to me, So huge, so hopeless to conceive, As these that twice befell: Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell. CALLED BACK JUST lost when I was saved! Just felt the world go by! Just girt me for the onset with eternity, When breath blew back, And on the other side I heard recede the disappointed tide! Therefore, as one returned, I feel, Odd secrets of the line to tell! Some sailor, skirting foreign shores, Some pale reporter from the awful doors Before the seal! Next time, to stay! Next time, the things to see By ear unheard, Unscrutinized by eye. Next time, to tarry, While the ages steal,— Slow tramp the centuries, And the cycles wheel.


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I Never saw a moor, I never saw the sea; Yet know I how the heather looks, And what a wave must be. I never spake with God, Nor visited in heaven; Yet certain am I of the spot As if the chart were given.

Belshazzar had a letter,— He never had but one; Belshazzar’s correspondent Concluded and begun In that immortal copy The conscience of us all Can read without its glasses On revelation’s wall.

Will there really be a morning? Is there such a thing as day? Could I see it from the mountains If I were as tall as they? Has it feet like water lilies? Has it feathers like a bird? Is it brought from famous countries Of which I ’ve never heard? Oh some scholar, oh some sailor, Oh some wise man...

Too late delayed till she had ceased to know, Delayed till in its vest of snow Her loving bosom lay: An hour behind the fleeting breath, Later by just an hour than death,— Oh, lagging yesterday! Could she have guessed that it would be; Could but a crier of the glee Have climbed the distant...

The waking YEAR A LADY red upon the hill Her annual secret keeps; A lady white within the field In placid lily sleeps! The tidy breezes with their brooms Sweep vail, and hill, and tree! Prithee, my pretty housewives! Who may expected be? The neighbors do not yet suspect! The woods...