Mary Emily Bradley

  • I broke one day a slender stem,
        Thick-set with little golden horns,
    Half bud, half blossom, and a gem—
        Such as one finds in autumn morns
    When all the grass with dew is strung—
    On every fairy bugle hung.

    Careless, I dropped it, in a place...

  • There was a time when Death and I
        Came face to face together:
    I was but young indeed to die,
        And it was summer weather;
    One happy year a wedded wife,
    And I was slipping out of life.

    You knelt beside me, and I heard,
        As from...

  • How still the room is! But a while ago
    The sound of sobbing voices vexed my ears,
    And on my face there fell a rain of tears—
    I scarce knew why or whence, but now I know.
    For this sweet speaking silence, this surcease
    Of the dumb, desperate struggle after...

  • My little Mädchen found one day
    A curious something in her play,
    That was not fruit, nor flower, nor seed;
    It was not anything that grew,
    Or crept, or climbed, or swam, or flew;
    Had neither legs nor wings, indeed;
    And yet she was not sure, she said...