Edmund Spenser

  • Homokba írtam kedvesem nevét,
    de jött a hullám s rajzom elsöpörte:
    leírtam újra minden betűjét,
    de jött a dagály s munkám eltörölte.
    Hiú ember, hiú vágy - szólt pörölve
    a lány - megfogni a pillanatot,
    hisz magam is így omlok egykor össze

  • From “Amoretti.” Sonnet LXXV.
    ONE day I wrote her name upon the strand,
      But came the waves, and washèd it away:
    Agayne, I wrote it with a second hand;
      But came the tyde, and made my paynes his prey.
    Vayne man, say’d she, that doest in vayne assay...

  • From “An Hymne in Honor of Beautie”
    SO every spirit, as it is most pure,
    And hath in it the more of heavenly light,
    So it the fairer bodie doth procure
    To habit in, and it more fairly dight
    With cheerfull grace and amiable sight;
    For of the soule...

  • From “The Faërie Queene,” Book I. Canto I.
      HE, making speedy way through spersèd ayre,
      And through the world of waters wide and deepe,
      To Morpheus house doth hastily repaire,
      Amid the bowels of the earth full steepe,
      And low, where dawning day...

  • From “The Faërie Queene,” Book II. Canto XII.
      THERE the most daintie paradise on ground
      Itselfe doth offer to his sober eye,
      In which all pleasures plenteously abownd,
      And none does others happinesse envye;
      The painted flowres; the trees...

  • From “The Faërie Queene,” Book I. Canto III.
      ONE day, nigh wearie of the yrkesome way,
      From her unhastie beast she did alight;
      And on the grasse her dainty limbs did lay
      In secrete shadow, far from all mens sight;
      From her fayre head her fillet...

  • From “The Faërie Queene,” Book I. Canto I.
      A GENTLE Knight was pricking on the plaine,
      Ycladd in mightie armes and silver shielde,
      Wherein old dints of deepe woundes did remaine,
      The cruell markes of many a bloody fielde;
      Yet armes till that time...

  • From “The Faërie Queene,” Book II. Canto 8.
    AND is there care in heaven? And is there love
      In heavenly spirits to these creatures base,
      That may compassion of their evils move?
      There is:—else much more wretched were the case
      Of men than beasts: but...

  • From “An Hymne of Heavenly Love”
    WITH all thy hart, with all thy soule and mind,
    Thou must him love, and his beheasts embrace;
    All other loves, with which the world doth blind
    Weake fancies, and stirre up affections base,
    Thou must renounce and utterly...

  • From “Epithalamion”
    *        *        *        *        *NOW is my love all ready forth to come:
    Let all the virgins therefore well awayt:
    And ye fresh boyes, that tend upon her groome,
    Prepare yourselves; for he is coming strayt.
    Set all your things in...