Edgar Lee Masters

  • O, my friend,
    What fitting word can I say?
    You, my chum,
    My companion of infinite talks,
    My inspiration,
    My guide,
    Through whom I saw myself at best;
    You, the light of this western country.
    You, a great richness.
    A glory,
    A charm,

  • You never understood, O unknown one,
    Why it was I repaid
    Your devoted friendship and delicate ministrations
    First with diminished thanks,
    Afterward by gradually withdrawing my presence from you,
    So that I might not be compelled to thank you,
    And then with silence...

  • There is something about Death
    Like love itself!
    If with some one with whom you have known passion,
    And the glow of youthful love,
    You also, after years of life
    Together, feel the sinking of the fire,
    And thus fade away together,
    Gradually, faintly, delicately...