Coventry Patmore

  • If thou dost bid thy friend farewell,
    But for one night though that farewell may be,
    Press thou his hand in thine.
    How canst thou tell how far from thee
    Fate or caprice may lead his steps ere that to-morrow comes?
    Men have been known to lightly turn the...

  • From “The Angel in the House”
    I GREW assured, before I asked,
      That she ’d be mine without reserve,
    And in her unclaimed graces basked
      At leisure, till the time should serve,—
    With just enough of dread to thrill
      The hope, and make it trebly...

  • “i Saw him kiss your cheek!”—“’T is true.”
      “O Modesty!”—“’T was strictly kept:
    He thought me asleep; at least, I knew
      He thought I thought he thought I slept.”

  • “and even our women,” lastly grumbles Ben,
    “Leaving their nature, dress and talk like men!”
    A damsel, as our train stops at Five Ashes,
    Down to the station in a dog-cart dashes.
    A footman buys her thicket, “Third class, parly;”
    And, in the huge-buttoned...

  • With all my will, but much against my heart,
    We two now part.
    My Very Dear,
    Our solace is, the sad road lies so clear.
    It needs no art,
    With faint, averted feet
    And many a tear,
    In our opposèd paths to persevere.
    Go thou to East, I West.