Love guards the roses of thy lips
And flies about them like a bee;
If I approach he forward skips,
And if I kiss he stingeth me.

Love in thine eyes doth build his bower,
And sleeps within their pretty shine;
And if I look the boy will lower,
And from...

Poet: Thomas Lodge

Dear! of all happy in the hour, most blest
  He who has found our hid security,
Assured in the dark tides of the world that rest,
  And heard our word, “Who is so safe as we?”
We have found safety with all things undying.
  The winds, and morning, tears of...

In an old chamber softly lit
  We heard the Chorale played,
And where you sat, an exquisite
Image of Life and lover of it,
  Death sang a serenade.

I know now, Celia, what you heard,
  And why you turned and smiled.
It was the white wings...

I have had one fear in my life—
When I was young I feared virgins;
But I do not any more….
By contact with them I learn that each is a center,
And has a period of brightness,
And stands epitome in that brief space
Of the Universe!
Ah, the...

Poet: Orrick Johns

An die blasse Sonne II


Poet: Paul Haller


Der hohe Straßenrand, auf dem wir lagen,
War weiß von Staub. Wir sahen in der Enge
Unzählig: Menschenströme und Gedränge,...

Poet: Georg Heym


Sie trampeln um den Hof im engen Kreis.
Ihr Blick schweift hin und her im kahlen Raum.
Er sucht nach einem...

Poet: Georg Heym

Föhnsonette II

Die Nacht war...

Poet: Paul Haller


Wenn eine vierzig Winter lange Zeit
In deiner Schönheit Feld furcht tiefe Spur,
Ist welkes Kraut der Jugend stolzes Kleid,
Jetzt hoch bestaunt und dann verachtet nur.
5 Gefragt dann: wo blieb deiner Schönheit Glück,
Wo all’ der Schatz aus schöner Tage Traum?...