When i forth fare beyond this narrow earth,
With all its metes and bounds of now and here,
And brooding clouds of ignorance and fear
That overhung me on my day of birth,
Wherethrough the jocund sun’s perennial mirth
Has shone more inly bright each coming...

Translated by Sir Edwin Arnold
From “Pearls of the Faith”
  He made life—and He takes it—but instead
  Gives more: praise the Restorer, Al-Mu’hid!

HE who dies at Azan 1 sends
This to comfort faithful friends:—

Faithful friends! it lies, I know,...

Shall mine eyes behold thy glory, O my country? Shall mine eyes behold thy glory?
Or shall the darkness close around them, ere the sun-blaze breaks at last upon thy story?
When the nations ope for thee their queenly circle, as a sweet new sister hail thee,
Shall these...

To make One's Toilette — after Death

Has made the Toilette cool

Of only Taste we cared to please

Is difficult, and still —

That's easier — than Braid the Hair —

And make the Bodice gay —

When eyes...